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Michael Schetrompf

Pat helped me buy my first house, and it was a painless process she walked me thru every phase and gave me total access to her. If I had a question even in the middle of the night “CALL her” she said. After looking for about a month this house came on the market.  It went up on a Thursday I looked on Friday, looked inside Saturday and signed the contract. The whole process took about 1.5 months. I was so impressed Pat made herself available to me. Pat understood the things I was feeling and going thru during this process. If I ever get ready to sell this house in a few years I will find Pat she is someone I can trust! If you are looking for a Trustworthy, Honest, Caring, Realtor look no farther than Taylor Reality.

Cheryl Bolack

Hello! My name is Cheryl Bolack. I had my house listed with Pat Dill, presently with Mike Taylor’s Real Estate Agency, for eight months. The first five months Pat was with another agency in town. After the first few weeks at the other agency, my house became a little paragraph among many on the listings. When Pat chose to move to another agency, I chose to go along with her.

Pat is an aggressive real estate agent. She worked with me with always a pleasant attitude, and she taught me several things about selling a home. She held many open houses. Taylor’s Agency brought in a banker to talk with potential buyers. She kept me posted on happenings, such as couples being denied credit, what couples did not like and did like about my house, and what I needed to do to get it sold. In today’s market, Pat was the reason my house sold. She was on it from day one, never backing down or letting it slipped back into a blurb on the second page of listings.

Mike Taylor spent many hours and many dollars to get my house sold. He is fairly new to the business and has much needed fresh ideas. He is truly a gentleman in the business of real estate. He has come into the business with enthusiasm that is not always seen by others. When Pat joined Mike, I not only had Pat working to sell my house, but I had Mike. What a winning combination!

I thank Pat and Mike for all their endless work and thinking. I salute them on a job well done. You two make a winning team. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. If I ever need a real estate agency again, I will not hesitate on where I will go-Mike Taylor’s Real Estate Agency of Arkansas City, Kansas.

James & Joyce Clements

After days of watching the classifieds and driving up and down the streets looking for a house to rent, I finally spotted a house I liked the looks of, but it was for sale. I contacted the number on the sign of a real estate company I'd never heard of.

Mike Taylor answered my call and told me that there was nothing to rent, but had us come by. He met with us to show us the house, and as nice as the house was, it was too small for our needs. He told us about a couple of other houses that were larger and took us to each house.

We discovered the house of our dreams on the 3rd showing and decided to not only rent, but try to buy. Mike walked us through the process of buying and connected us with a lender that worked as closely with us as Mike has. We are now very happy homeowners of a home in an incredible neighborhood.

Mike Taylor went above and beyond to help us. He even helped do some painting. Mike and Pat Dill were always available to answer questions. He helped make phone calls and faxes. We are so pleased with Taylor Realty and will highly recommend this company to anyone that is interested in buying the home of their dreams. Thanks for everything Mike and Pat!

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