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Why Us? Our Pledge to Sellers

We pledge to listen to your needs (tailored to suit you) and reach a strategy that involves you and your family. We will not tell you what you want to hear, we will tell you what you need to know, we do not make demands.

We do, however, make the following suggestions and offer the following services:

1. Do not over price your home.  We will provide you a competitive market analysis showing actual houses that have recently sold and houses comparable to yours that are on the current market.  This will aid you in determining a competitive price.

2. We recommend doing a whole-house inspection of your home to find any potential problems that could affect the sale during the closing process. It also lets potential buyers know they are buying a house with no surprises.

3. We will conduct open houses on your home and like to involve you, the homeowner, if you are comfortable with it.  For example, we do radio ads prior to open houses and we may want you to discuss your house with us on the air.  We also have a mortgage broker that will be at your open house to discuss loan options for potential buyers. We also pledge to show a picture of your house every week in the newspaper- not just a paragraph after the first week.

4. We will give regular progress reports throughout the marketing period.  We want you to know what is happening with your property at all times and encourage any ideas you may have regarding your sale.

5. We will list your property on the Arkansas City, Winfield and Wichita area Multiple Listing Services.  This will allow us and other realtors over a wide area to market your house.

6. If needed, we can help you transition to your new location.

7. We will present you all offers as written and an estimate of your net sale proceeds prior to your acceptance of an offer.

8. Once you do accept an offer, we will monitor all closing activities to insure no delays in the process.


Tips On Staging Your Property

When you decide to put your home on the market, you want to be able to present it to get the most money for it. You must remember that if there are small things that need to be done, buyers will deduct thousands of dollars from the listed price. Therefore, it is better to have all the “small “items taken care of. (Loose handles, tub caulking, etc) Many people overlook the obvious which is curb appeal. If a buyer does not like the look outside it is virtually impossible to get them in no matter haw great the interior is. Be sure that the yard is well maintained, flowerbeds weeded and groomed, fresh paint, healthy hanging plants etc.
When it comes to the interior of the house there are 3 “C’s” to remember:

Clutter: Get rid of it. The kitchen and bathrooms are very important. Remove all but the essentials from the countertops. You can put out a bowl of attractive fruit or fresh flowers to replace the clutter. It is important to make your home look as large as possible. You may have to remove some furniture (rent a storage building if you have to). Children’s room hare sometime hard to de-clutter, but try to the best you can.  Prospective home buyer’s want to visualize their personal things in your home and that is much easier to do without the clutter. Remove personal pictures from the walls and refrigerator.

Color: Color is important but not too harsh. If you need to do some painting, choose a neutral color and accent it with color. (pillows, drapes etc.) Neutral colors and easy to work with and make rooms look larger. The new owner can add touches as they want. It also makes everything look clean.

Cleanliness: Perhaps the most important. Q-tip clean. Bathrooms and kitchen are, again, very important. Bath tub caulking is important and does not take a long time to do. Be sure that cold air return vents are clean and clean all ceiling fans. While we are talking about cleanliness, I must mention odor. Smoking and pet odors are offensive to some people. If you are a pet owner or smoker, you probable don’t notice these odors. Be sure pets are outside when showing your home. Litter boxes must be spotless.  Use Febreze and air fresheners. Homey smells are best such as apple pie or cinnamon. Bake bread or cookies shortly before showing.

Most of these things can be done for little to no money and you will stand a much better chance of getting your asking price or near asking price for you home.